1051. An observer moves past a stationary electron on the earth’s surface .His Instruments measure :

A. Only an electric Field
B. Only a magnetic Field
C. Both Electric and Magnetic Field
D. Neither electric nor magnetic field *

1052. Relative to the original photon, the photon that emerges from a collision with an electron has :

A. More Energy
B. More Momentum
C. Higher Frequency
D. Longer Wavelength *

1053. Modern Physical theories indicate that :

A. All particles exhibit wave behavior
B. Only Moving particles exhibit wave behavior *
C. Only charged particles wave behavior
D. Only Uncharged particles exhibit wave behavior

1054. When a beam of light is used to determine the position of an object , the greatest accuracy is obtained if the light :

A. Is polarized
B. Has short wavelength *
C. Has long wavelength
D. Has a low intensity

1055. The total energy of an atomic electron is :

A. Less than zero
B. Zero
C. More than zero *
D. All of these

1056. A hydrogen atom is in its ground state when its orbital electron:

A. Is within the nucleus
B. Has a escape from them
C. Is in its lowest energy level *
D. Is stationary

1057. The Energy of a quantum states is primarily dependent upon the quantum numbers :

A. N *
B. I
C. S
D. M

1058. The two electrons in a helium atom:

A. Occupy different shell
B. Occupy different sub-shell
C. Have Opposite Spins *
D. Have Parallel spins

1059. The spectra of are not missing any expected lines:

A. Hydrogen *
B. The Alkali Metals
C. The Inert gases
D. The halogens

1060. A molecule whose charge distribution is not perfectly symmetrical is called :

A. A polar Molecule *
B. A non-Polar Molecule
C. An Electrolyte
D. An organic molecule