611. Antimatter consists of ______________?
A. Antiproton
B. Antineutron
C. Positron
D. All of above

612. Neutron and proton are commonly known as______________?
A. Nucleon
B. Meson
C. Boson
D. Quartz

613. Which one of the following radiation possesses maximum penetrating power ?
A. X-rays
B. B-rays
C. γ-rays
D. All have the equal penetrating power

614. Electrons_________________?
A. Can exist inside the nucleus
B. Cannot exist inside the nucleus
C. Can exist both inside and outside the nucleus
D. Do not know

615. Radioactivity is a ______ (A) Spontaneous activity (B) Chemical property_____________?
A. A & B
B. B & C
C. C & A
D. A B & C

616. The energy liberated when one atom of U-235 undergoes fission reaction is________________?
A. 200MeV
B. 40MeV
C. 30MeV
D. 20MeV

617. Transuranic elements have an atomic number_______________?
A. Greater than 72
B. Greater than 82
C. Greater than 92
D. Greater than 102

618. Nuclear forces exist between ___________________?
A. Proton-proton
B. Proton-neutron
C. Neutron-neutron
D. All of the above

619. Mass defect per nucleon is ___________________?
A. The binding energy of the nucleus
B. Packing fraction
C. The average energy of the nucleus
D. All of above are one and the same thing

620. The bombardment of nitrogen with alpha particles will produce______________?
A. Neutron
B. Proton
C. Electron
D. Positron