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191. One mega watt hour is equal to_________________?

A. 36 x 106 J
B. 36 x 1012 J
C. 36 x 109 J
D. 36 x 108 J

192. Work has the dimension as that of same as that of__________________?

A. torque
B. angular momentum
C. linear momentum
D. power

193. The relation between the escape velocity V esc and orbital speed Vo is given by________________?

A. V esc = 1/2Vo
B. V esc = -2 Vo
C. V esc = Vo
D. V esc = 2Vo

194. When two protons are brought together_____________________?

A. Kinetic energy increases
B. P.E. between them increases
C. P.E. between them decreases
D. P.E. between tem does not change

195. A man lifts vertically a weight of 40kg through 1m in 10s; while a chile lifts vertically a weight of 10kg through a distance of 1m in 1s. What will be correct inference ?

A. man does more work than child
B. child does more work than man
C. both do the same amount of wo

196. Work done on the body equals to the _____________________?

A. change in its K.E always
B. change in its P.E always
C. change in its K.E and change in its P.E
D. neither change in K.E and nor change in its P.E

197. The tides raise the mater in the see roughly in a day___________________?

A. once
B. twice
C. four time
D. eight time

198. The highest value of escape velocity in solar system is planet____________________?

A. Earth
B. Neptune
C. Jupiter
D. Moon

199. Gravitational P.E of a body has____________________?

A. no formula
B. a formula mgh only
C. a formula
D. no general formula

200. When the speed of a moving body is doubled then___________________?

A. its K.E is doubled
B. its acceleration is doubled
C. its P.E is doubled
D. its momentum is doubled