1331. A hunter aiming a bird in a tree should aim :

A. Exactly at the bird
B. A little above the bird *
C. A little below the bird
D. Very high

1332. If projectile is projected Horizontally with 10m/sec . After 2 second Horizontal and vertical Component of velocity of projectile will be :

A. 10m/sec,10m/sec
B. 10m/sec,01m/sec
C. 00m/sec,10m/sec
D. 10m/sec, 19.6m/sec *

1333. The time rate of change of linear momentum of freely falling object is equal to :

A. Impulse
B. Weight *
C. Kinetic energy
D. Power

1334. Two blocks of masses 2Kg and 3Kg placed in contract are acted upon by a force of 50N .The acceleration of 1.0Kg mass will be :

A. 40m/s2
B. 10m/s2 *
C. 30m/s2
D. 50m/s2

1335. Action and reaction pairs are formed at a :

A. Single body
B. Pair of bodies *
C. Both single and pair of bodies
D. None

1336. A bullet of mass 100 g leaves the gun of mass 10kg, with a muzzle speed of 100m/s.The speed of recoil of a a gun is :

A. 10m/s
B. 10 2m/s
C. 10 2cm/s
D. 1m/s *

1337. A 30gm carom striker moving with velocity of 10cm/s strikes a 5gm stationary Carrom disc head on elastically .The striker acquires a velocity of 6cm/s. The disc gained the following momentum:

A. 30 gm cm/s
B. 120 gm cm/s *
C. 50 gm cm/s
D. 150 gm cm/s

1338. The acceleration of the body as it rolls down an inclined plane with a 30 degree angle to the horizontal

A. 9.8 m/sec2
B. 4.9 m/sec2
C. 2.8 m/sec2
D. None *

1339. When two bodies collide elastically they interchange their velocities when their :

A. Masses are equal *
B. Velocities are equal
C. Accelerations are equal
D. None

1340. When a force of 4N acts on a body of mass 2 kg for 2 second . The rate of change of momentum is S1 units :

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4 *