1181. The time rate of displacement is known as:

A. Speed
B. Velocity *
C. Acceleration
D. Timme Arrow

1182. Velocity is a physical quantity which is a :

A. Scalar
B. Vector *
C. Time arrow
D. None of these

1183. The dimension of velocity are :

A. [LT]
B. [LT2]
C. [LT-1] *
D. [LT-2]

1184. Which law is applicable in the motion of the rocket in space ?

A. Conservation of mass
B. Conservation of energy
C. Conservation of angular momentum
D. Conservation of linear momentum *

1185. If a body is moving at the same speed, then:

A. Its direction may be changing
B. Its acceleration is variable
C. Its acceleration is zero *
D. None of the above

1186. If the velocity of a body is uniform, the velocity -time graph is a stright line which is :

A. Parallel to x-axis *
B. Parallel
C. At an angle of 45 degree with x-axis
D. Along the y-axis

1187. If the instant velocity does not change , the body is moving with a :

A. Initial velocity
B. Variable velocity
C. Uniform velocity *
D. None of these

1188. Acceleration is :

A. Scalar quantity
B. Vector quantity *
C. Constant quantity
D. None of these

1189. Deacceleration means the speed of the body is :

A. Increasing
B. Decreasing *
C. Just moving
D. None of these

1190. At the highest point vertical component of the velocity of the projectile becomes :

A. Zero *
B. Maximum
C. Minimum
D. -1