901. Optical active crystals rotates the
A. Vibrating plane
B. Polarization plane
C. Diffraction plane
D. Interference plane

902. Which is not optically active?
A. Sugar
B. Tartaric acid
C. Water
D. Sodium chlorate

903. In a double slit experiment, we observe
A. Interference fringes only
B. Diffraction fringes only
C. Both interference and diffraction fringes
D. Polarized fringes

904. When light incident normally on thin film the path difference depends upon
A. The thickness of the film only
B. Nature of the film only
C. The angle of incidence only
D. All thickness nature and angle of incidence

905. Which one of the following properties of light does not change with the nature of the medium?
A. Velocity
B. Wavelength
C. Amplitude
D. Frequency

906. Light reaches the earth from the sun in nearly
A. 15 minutes
B. 10 minutes
C. 8 minutes
D. 8 minutes 30 seconds

907. The photoelectric effect was given by
A. Hertz
B. Fresnel
C. Einstein
D. Plank
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908. According to Einstein light travels from one place to another in the form of
A. Waves
B. Particles
C. Photons
D. It was not his discovery

909. Longitudinal waves do not exhibit
A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Diffraction
D. Polarization

910. Central spot of Newtons rings
A. Bright
B. Dark for large wavelength
C. Dark
D. Bright for large wavelength