1271. While passing through the atmosphere, total energy is reduced by the dust particles, water vapours and other gases due to :

A. Reflection
B. Scattering
C. Absorption
D. All of these *

1272. No work is done by the body when angle between force and displacement is :

A. 0 Degree
B. 45 Degree
C. 90 Degree *
D. 60 Degree

1273. According to work energy principle, work done on the body is equal to :

A. Change in power
B. Change in K.E *
C. Change in acceleration
D. Change in angular veolicity

1274.The weight of the body at the centre of the earth is :

A. 9.8 N
B. Zero *
C. 19.6 N
D. None of these

1275. The energy stored in a dam is :

A. Kinetic energy
B. Electrical energy
C. Potential energy *
D. None of these

1276. The work done by the body is maximum when the angle between force and displacement is :

A. 30 Degree
B. 60 Degree
C. 90 Degree
D. 0 Degree *

1277. Under the influence of a force of 5 Newton, a body travels 10 meters in a straight line. Assuming the work wear is 25 joules , the point which the power takes with the heading of movement of the body is :

A. 0 Degree
B. 30 Degree
C. 60 Degree *
D. 90 Degree

1278. A Second pendulums mounted in a rocket its period of oscillation decreases when the rocket ( A pendulum having time period of 2 seconds is called as second pendulum?

A. Comes down with uniform acceleration
B. Is in a geostationary orbit that revolves around the earth
C. Moves up with a uniform velocity
D. Moves up with uniform acceleration *

1279. A person A is going up in a balloon while another person is going down into a mine . Both are measuring the gravitational field.

A. The field that both A and B measure continues to grow.
B. The field measure by A increases while that measured by B decreases
C. The field measured by A decreases while that measured by B decreases *
D. While the field measured by B grows, the field measured by A shrinks.

1280. 11 km/s is the escape velocity from the earth’s surface. The mean density of a particular planet is the same as that of Earth, despite having a radius twice that of Earth. The following would be the value of the escape velocity from this planet:

A. 22 KM/S*
B. 11 KM/S
C. 14 KM/S
D. 13 KM/S