1251. A meteor of mass mentors the earth’s atmosphere at an angle 0 to the horizontal with an initial velocity v. Which of the following is true about vertical component of its velocity ?

A. It remains constant throughout the motion
B. It increases throughout the motion *
C. It decreases throughout the motion
D. None

1252. The K.E of a light and a heavy object is same . Which object has maximum momentum ?

A. Light object
B. Heavy object *
C. Both have the same momentum
D. Data is not sufficient

1253. For the same velocity , the momentum is maximum for :

A. An electron
B. A proton
C. A deuteron
D. An a particle *

1254. The escape velocity of moon in Kms-1 is :

A. 1.23
B. 2.43
C. 2.38 *
D. 2.59

1255. The work done in taking a particle from the floor to a table depends on :

A. The actual path taken
B. The time taken in this work
C. Th speed of the particle
D. The height of the table *

1256. The earth is held in place by the atmosphere by:

A. Winds
B. Gravity *
C. Clouds
D. The rotation of earth

1257. The Escape velocity of Earth in Kms-1:

A. 9.75
B. 11.2 *
C. 12.3
D. 15.6

1258. The initial velocity at which a body rises and never descends is known as:

A. Kinetic energy
B. Terminal velocity
C. Escape velocity *
D. Extreme velocity

1259. The total frictional drag F experienced by a boat traveling through still water at constant speed v is. What is the power developed by the boat ?

A. 0.5 FV
B. FV *
C. 0.5 FV2
D. FV2

1260. A bullet is shot from a rifle. As a result the rifle recoils . The kinetic energy of rifle as compared to that of bullet is :

A. Less *
B. Greater
C. Equal
D. Cannot be concluded