1481. The coating of a thin layer of zinc on steel or iron objects is known as :

A. Galvanising *
B. Hot dipping
C. Tinning
D. Electroplating

1482. Electric current in a metal wire is due to the flow of :

A. Portons
B. Electrons *
C. Ions
D. None of these

1483. Optic fibers are mainly used for :

A. Weaving
B. Communication *
C. Musical instrument
D. Food industry

1484. Which among the following is a chemical change ?

A. A wet towel dries in the sun
B. Lemon juice added to tea causing its to change *
C. Coffee is brewed by passing steam through ground coffee
D. Hot air rises over a radiator

1485. Which of the following is a vector quantity ?

A. Force *
B. Temperature
C. Energy
D. Momentum

1486. At what point the centigrade and the Fahrenheit temperatures are the same ?

A. 10 Degree
B. 0 Degree
C. -10 Degree
D. -40 Degree *

1487. Which among the following is an element ?

A. Alumina
B. Brass
C. Graphite *
D. Silica

1488. In Lathe machine , taper turning can be done by :

A. Set over arrangement
B. Taper turning attachment
C. Swiveling compound rest
D. All of the above *

1489. In electro discharge machining, cutting tools are usually made of :

A. High speed steel
B. Tool steel
C. Carbide-tipped tool
D. Graphite *

1490. Glass is made of :

A. Sand and Silicate
B. Quartz and Mica *
C. Sand and Salt
D. None of these