1041. When a diamagnetic substance is inserted in a current carrying coil, the magnetic field :

A. Decreased *
B. Unchanged
C. Increased
D. First Increase then decrease

1042. The time required for a charged particle to make a complete revolution in a magnetic field does not depend upon :

A. Its mass
B. Its Charge
C. Its Energy
D. The magnetic flux density *

1043. The fact that an electric field is produced in a conductor whenever magnetic lines of force move across it is referred to as :

A. Ampere’s law
B. Ohm’s law
C. Faraday’s law *
D. Lenz’s law

1044. The law of conservation has an effect on Lenz’s law:

A. Charge
B. Momentum
C. Lines of force
D. Energy *

1045. A dynamo is often set to generate electricity it actually acts as a source of :

A. Charge
B. EMF *
C. Electrons
D. Magnetism

1046. The following factors influence how long it takes for a circuit to establish a current:

A. The magnitude of the current
B. The applied potential difference
C. Its Inductance only
D. Its Inductance and Its resistance *

1047. Which of the following is not electromagnetic in nature ?

A. Infrared ray
B. Ultraviolet rays
C. Radar waves
D. Sound waves *

1048. Beats are the result of :

A. Diffraction
B. Constructive interference
C. Destructive Interference
D. Constructive and destructive interference *

1049. Longitudinal waves donot exhibit :

A. Refraction
B. Reflection
C. Diffraction
D. Polarization *

1050. The following people carried out an important experiment that led to the theory of relativity:

A. Michelson and Morley *
B. Albert Einstein
C. Pavel Cerenkov
D. Samuel Ether