1241. The water’s velocity at the tube is (Take g = 9.8 m/s2) if it falls 19.6 meters into a turbine wheel from a dam.

A. 9.8 m/s
B. 19.6 m/s *
C. 39.2 m/s
D. 98.0 m/s

1242. The projectile has a range of R when the projection angle is 30 degrees. The other projection angle has the same value for the same range:

A. 45 Degree
B. 60 Degree *
C. 50 Degree
D. 40 Degree

1243. A man sitting in a transport going toward a path from west to east with a speed of 40km/h sees that the downpour – drops are falling upward down to the another man remaining on ground the downpour will show up :

A. To fall vertically down
B. To fall at a point going from west to east *
C. To fall from east to west at an angle
D. The data given is deficient to choose the heading of downpour

1244. Work is defined as the dot product of force and displacement but it is a :

A. Scalar quantity *
B. Vector quantity
C. Constant quantity
D. None of these

1245. The work done in a gravitational field is independent of :

A. Its distance
B. Its mass
C. Its path *
D. Its potential energy

1246. The work done by the body is maximum when it has an angle of :

A. 30 Degree
B. 60 Degree
C. 90 Degree
D. 0 Degree *

1247. Work done in a gravitational field along a closed loop is :

A. Maximum
B. Minimum
C. 1
D. Zero *

1248. Geothermal energy within the eath is generated by :

A. Radioactive decay
B. Residual heat of the earth
C. Compression of material
D. All *

1249. Which of the following is consevative field :

A. Electrostatic field *
B. Frictional field
C. Viscous field
D. All of these

1250. The field, in which is the work done is independent of the path followed , is called :

A. Conservative fields *
B. Non-Conservative field
C. Varying intensity field
D. None of these