31. Two automobiles are 150 kilometers apart and traveling toward each other. One automobile is moving at 60km/h and the other is moving at 40km/h mph. In how many hours will they meet?

A. 2.5
B. 2.0
C. 1.75
D. 1.5
E. 1.25

32. The branch of science which deals with the properties of matter and energy is called__________?

A. Biology
B. Geography
C. Physics
D. Chemistry

33. Physics is one of the branches of___________?

A. Physical science
B. Biological sciences
C. Social science
D. Life sciences branch

34. Which branch of science plays an important role in engineering?

A. Biology
B. Chemistry
C. Physics
D. All of these

35. The most fundamental of all sciences which provides basic principles and fundamental laws to other branches of science is_________?

A. biology
B. physics
C. information technology
D. chemistry

36. The Branch of Physics deals with highly energetic ions is called__________?

A. Elementary articles
B. Article physics
C. Ionic physics
D. Plasma physics

37. The__________branch of Physics deals with nuclear particles such as neutrons, protons and nuclear?

A. Solid State Physics
B. Plasma Physics
C. structure is called
D. Nuclear Physics
E. Particle Physics

38. The branch of Physics which deals with properties of gravitational?

A. Field theory
B. Acoustics
C. Hydro dynamic
D. Optics

39. The branch of physics which deals with the living things is called_________?

A. biological sciences
B. physical sciences
C. cell systems
D. elementary physics

40. The physics of moving charge particles is known as__________?

A. Plasma physics
B. Electro-static’s
C. Electro-magnetic
D. Electro-dynamics

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