541. A digit zero in a measurement__________________?
A. May be significant may not significant
B. Always significant
C. Always insignificant sign
D. Significant only if left to a significant figure

542. Number of significant figures in 0.0173 is_________________?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 2

543. Smaller the least count of the instrument more is the measurement________________?
A. Accurate
B. Precise
C. Accurate and precise
D. None of these

544. The dimension of force is__________________?
A. MLT-1
B. MLT-2
C. ML-1T
D. ML-1T-2

545. ML-1 T-2 is the dimension of_______________?
A. Force
B. Pressure
C. Momentum
D. Energy

546. Dimensional analysis is helpful for__________________?
A. Deriving a possible formula
B. Checking the homogeneity of a physical equation
C. Verification of laws
D. Only A and B are correct

547. Which equation is not dimensionally correct ?
A. E=mc2
B. Vf=Vi+at
C. S=Vt2
D. S=1/2at2

548. SI unit of the coefficient of viscosity is___________________?
A. Kg.m.S-1
B. Kg m-1.S-1
C. Kg.m.S
D. Kg-1.m-1.S-1

549. Three students measured the length of a needle with meter rod and recorded as : (i) 0.2145m (ii) 0.21m (iii) 0.214m Which one is a correct record ?
A. Only (i)
B. Only (ii)
C. Only (iii)
D. Both (i) and (ii)

550. Absolute uncertainty in a measurement depends upon______________?
A. The magnitude of the measurement
B. Least count of the instrument
C. Percentage error in the measurement
D. All of a, b and C