1191. When the velocity of a body is increasing the acceleration produced is :

A. No acceleration produced
B. Negative acceleration N
C. Positive acceleration *
D. None of these

1192. when a car’s velocity remains constant. A: The velocity-time graph

A. Straight line
B. Straight line rises the same height for equal intervals of time
C. Horizontal straight line *
D. None of these

1193. Raindrops fall towards the ground with constant velocity. This suggests that :

A. Raindrops are not subject to a gravitational field;
B. Raindrops are subject to zero gravitational force.
C. There is some resistive force acting in the direction opposite to the gravity *
D. The size of the raindrop is so small that acceleration does not build up

1194. When a car moves with increasing acceleration, the velocity time graph is a :

A. Straight line
B. Horizontal straight line
C. Curve *
D. None of these

1195. Which of the following can be zero when the particle is in motion for some time ?

A. Speed
B. Displacement *
C. Distance covered
D. None of these

1196. Instantaneous velocity is equal to the average velocity if a body moves with a :

A. Uniform velocity *
B. Variable velocity
C. Uniform acceleration
D. Variable acceleration

1197. By Calculating the area under the velocity the graph , we can find the :

A. Acceleration
B. Velocity
C. Distance *
D. None of these

1198. The interaction forces between two bodies are the subject of Newton’s third law. Which of the following assertions regarding the third law is false?

A. The two forces must be identical.
B. The bodies are in equilibrium because the two forces are equal and opposite one another. *
C. The two forces always oppose each other in direction
D. The magnitudes of the two forces are always equal.

1199. Free fall motion of objects moving with can also be accounted for using the equations for uniformly accelerated motion:

A. Acceleration
B. Constant velocity *
C. Instantaneous acceleration
D. Negative acceleration

1200. To move a mass of m vertically upward, the minimum force required is:

A. MG *
B. MG/2
C. More than 2MG
D. More than MG