1101. The force per unit area of which of the following quantities is the formula?

A. Work
B. Pressure *
C. Volume
D. Area

1102. Indicate, which pair of physical quantities given below has the same units and dimensions?

A. Momentum and impulse
B. Torque and angular momentum *
C. Acceleration and gravitational field strength
D. Pressure and modulus elasticity

1103. Which of the following quantities has dimensions that are distinct from those of the other three?

A. Energy per unit volume
B. Force per unit
C. Voltage and charge as a function of volume
D. Angular momentum *

1104. A student used a screw gauge with a minimum count of 0.001 cm to measure the diameter of a wire. What is the proper measurement?
A. 5.3 cm
B. 5.32 cm
C. 5.320 cm *
D. 5.3200 cm

1105. From the following pairs, choose the pair that does not have identical dimensions.

A. Angular momentum and Plank’s constant
B. Moment of inertia and Moment of force *
C. Work and Torque
D. Impulse and Momentum

1106. Which one of the following groups has quantities that do not have the same dimensions ?

A. Velocity, speed
B. Pressure, stress
C. Force, Impulse *
D. Work, Energy

1107. WB/M2 is equal to :

A. Henry
B. Watt
C. Tesla *
D. Dynes

1108. A lens’s focal power is measured in:

A. Watt
B. Horse Power
C. Dioptre *
D. Kilo Watt

1109. Identify the pair whose dimensions are equal :

A. Torque and work *
B. Stress and Energy
C. Force and Stress
D. Force and work

1110. The dimensions of planck’s constant is equal to that of :

A. Energy
B. Momentum
C. Angular momentum *
D. Power