1321. A net force accelerates a mass with acceleration ‘a’. if the same force is applied to m/2, then acceleration will be :

A. 4a
B. 2a *
C. a/2
D. a/4

1322. Projectile has maximum range of 20m when projected with velocity ‘v’. If it is projected at angle of 15 Degree with same velocity ‘than its range is :

A. 20m
B. 15m
C. 10m *
D. 5m

1323. The speed of a car at different interval is given by
20m/sec for 2.0sec
40m/sec for 2.0sec
60m/sec for 6.0sec
The average speed of a car is:

A. 12m/sec
B. 13.3m/sec
C. 40m/sec
D. 48m/sec*

1324. A wooden block of mass 1.0kg is on rough horizontal surface .A force of 12N is applied on block Horizontally and it accelerates at 4.0m/sec2, The magnitude of frictional force is :

A. 4N
B. 2N
C. 6N
D. 8N *

1325. Two Equal masses travel toward each other with speed 60cm/sec and 40cm/sec they stick together on impact ,What is the speed of masses after impact :

A. 10cm/sec *
B. 20cm/sec
C. 30cm/sec
D. 40cm/sec

1326. Kinematic is the branch of mechanics which deals with :

A. Rest
B. Rest and Motion
C. Motion and Cause
D. Motion without cause *

1327. The average and instantaneous velocities of a body will be same if the body moves with :

A. Average velocity
B. Constant velocity *
C. Constant acceleration
D. None of these

1328. In one second, a ball dropped from a certain height travels 10 meters. After ten seconds, the ball will have traveled the following distance:

A. 100M
B. 490M *
C. 300M
D. 200M

1329. A ball of mass 0.5kg is dropped from a height of 78.4m.The time taken by the ball to hit the ground is :

A. 8sec
B. 16sec
C. 2sec
D. 4sec *

1330. The velocity of projectile at its maximum height is:

A. Zero
B. Minimum *
C. Maximum
D. None of them