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181. On a clear day at noon the solar energy reaching the earth is ____________________?

A. 1.44kw/m2
B. 1.4kw/m2
C. 1 kw/m2
D. none

182. Work done will be maximum if the angle between the force F and displacement d is______________________?

A. 45°
B. 90°
C. 180°
D. 0°

183. A field in which the work done in a moving a body along closed path is zero is called________________?

A. electric field
B. conservative field
C. electromagnetic field
D. gravitational field

184. Which of the following types of force can do no work on the particle on which it acts ?

A. frictional force
B. gravitational force
C. elastic force
D. centripetal force

185. An elevator weighing 3.5 x 10-6 N is raised to a height of 1000 m in the absence of friction, the work done is_________________?

A. 3.5 x 103 J
B. 3.5 x 104 J
C. 3.5 x 106 J
D. 3.5 x 109 J

186. The relation between horse power and watt is_________________?

A. 1 hp = 546 watts
B. 1 hp = 746 watts
C. 1 hp = 1000 watts
D. 1 hp = 946 watts

187. Slope of work time graph is equal to____________________?

A. displacement
B. acceleration
C. power
D. energy

188. The dimension of power is_______________?

A. [ML2T-3]
B. [ML2T-2]
C. [ML2T3]
D. none of these

189. The dot product of force and velocity is__________________?

A. power
B. work
C. impulse
D. torque

190. The source of tidal energy is____________________?

A. sun
B. earth
C. both A and B
D. moon