1231. A monkey sits on an elevator’s spring scale pan. The reading of the spring scale is at its highest point when:

A. Elevator is stationary
B. Elevator cable breaks and it falls freely towards earth
C. Elevator accelerates downwards
D. Elevator accelerates upward *

1232. A lift is climbing with speed increase equivalent to 1/5 of that because of gravity . The evident load of a 60 kg man remaining in lift is :

A. 60 KG WT
B. 72 KG WT *
C. 48 KG WT
D. Zero

1233. The body’s mass at rest, as determined by physical balance in a lift, is m. If the lift is moving upward at an acceleration of a, its mass will be determined as follows:

A. M( 1-a/g)
B. M( 1+a/g)
C. M *
D. Zero

1234. A person is facing the engine while seated in a moving train. When he tosses a coin, it disappears behind him. The train can be characterized as:

A. Moving forward and gaining speed *
B. Moving forward and losing speed
C. Moving forward with uniform speed
D. Moving backward with uniform speed

1235. What is the acceleration if a body starts at rest and travels 120 cm in six seconds?

A. 0.20 M/S2
B. 0.027 M/S2
C. 0.218 M/S2 *
D. 0.03 M/S2

1236. A body breaks free of its rest. In the final second of its motion, it travels the same amount of distance as it did in the first three seconds. The body has succumbed to a period of :

A. 3 s
B. 5 s *
C. 7 s
D. 9 s

1237. A car travels first half distance between two places with a speed of 30km/h and remaining half with a speed of 50km/h .The average speed of the car is :

A. 37.5 Km/h *
B. 10 Km/h
C. 42 Km/h
D. 40 km/h

1238. On the off chance that a train going at 72 kmph is to be brought to rest in a distance of 200 meters , then, at that point, its impediment ought to be :

A. 20 MS-2
B. 10 MS-2
C. 2 MS -2
D. 1 Ms-2 *

1239. A ball is dropped downwards following 1 seconds another ball is dropped downwards from a similar point. How far apart are they now, after three seconds?

A. 25 M *
B. 20 M
C. 50 M
D. 9.8 M

1240. In the first, second, and third seconds, a body falling from rest travels the following distances:

A. 1:2:3
B. 1:3:5 *
C. 1:4:9
D. None of the above