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261. The operation of a transistor requires______________?
A. That the emitter be heated
B. That the base be heated
C. That the collector be heated
D. None of the above

262. Non-inverting amplifier circuits have____________?
A. A very high input impedance
B. A very low input impedance
C. A low output impedance
D. None of the above

263. An OP-AMP comparator is a circuit that compares the signal voltage on one of its inputs with a ______________?
A. Non-inverting voltage at output
B. Reference voltage on the other
C. Virtual input
D. Output

264. The working of transistor as amplifier is similar to________________?
A. Step up transformer
B. Step down transformer
C. Three diodes in common
D. Triode vacuum tube

265. To obtain a p-type semi-conductor Si Crystal must be doped with foreign atoms whose valency is_____________?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

266. In a half-wave rectifier the r.m.s. value of the A.C. component of the wave is________________?
A. Equal to D.C. value
B. More than D.C. value
C. Less than D.C. value
D. Zero

267. In forward bias the width of potential barrier_____________?
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Remains same
D. No effect

268. The electronic circuits which implement the various logic operations are called_____________?
A. Logic gates
B. Boolean algebra
C. Amplifier gain
D. Logic functions

269. Acceptor and donor impurities donate______________?
A. n-carriers only
B. p-carriers only
C. p-carriers and n-carriers respectively
D. n-carriers and p-carriers respectively

270. An OP-AMPs can amplify_______________?
A. D.C.
B. A.C.
C. Both A.C. & D.C.
D. None of the above