1141. Two forces of 10N and 15N are acting simultaneously on an object in the same direction their resultant is :

A. Zero
B. 5N
C. 25N *
D. 150N

1142. The vectors will be as follows if the dot product of two non-zero vectors disappears:

A. In the same direction
B. Opposite to each other
C. Perpendicular to each other *
D. Anti-Parallel

1143. The dot product of two vectors is negative when :

A. They are parallel vectors
B. They are anti-parallel vectors *
C. The are perpendicular vectors
D. None of the above is correct

1144. The vector product of two non-zero vectors is zero, when :

A. Their lines run parallel to one another *
B. They are perpendicular to each other
C. They are equal vectors
D. They are inclined at angle of 60 degree

1145. Identify the vector quantity:

A. Heat
B. Angular momentum *
C. Time
D. Work

1146. Which of the following quantitates is a scalar ?

A. Magnetic moment
B. Acceleration due to gravity
C. Electric field
D. Electrostatic potential *

1147. Angular momentum is :

A. A scalar
B. A vector *
C. Neither A nor B
D. Either A or B

1148. Which of the following is a scalar quantity ?

A. Displacement
B. Electric field
C. Acceleration
D. Work *

1149. A force of 10N is acting along y-axis towards the origin. Its component along x-axis is :

A. 10N
B. 20N
C. 100N
D. Zero N *

1150. Find the angle between two forces of equal magnitude of their resultant is also equal to the magnitude of either of these forces :

A. 60 Degree
B. 120 Degree *
C. 180 Degree
D. 360 Degree