1281. If the K.E. of a body becomes multiple times of the underlying worth , then new force will:

A. Become twice its initial value *
B. Become three times, its initial value
C. Become four times, its initial value
D. Remains constant

1282. Linear momentum equals the movement of two bodies with kinetic energy of 4:1. Their mass-to-weight ratio is:

A. 1:2
B. 1:1
C. 4:1
D. 1:4 *

1283. A collection of mass 5kg is moving with a force of 10kg/s. For ten seconds, a force of 0.2 N acts on it in the body’s motion direction. Its increased kinetic energy is as follows:

A. 2.8 Joule
B. 3.2 Joule
C. 3.8 Joule
D. 4.4 Joule *

1284. A power of 10 N uproots an item by 10m. On the off chance that work done is 50 J, course of power makes a point with heading of uprooting .

A. 120 Degree
B. 90 Degree
C. 60 Degree *
D. None

1285. A man weighing 50 kg ascends 20 steps of 0.25 m in height with a 20 kg load on his head. The climbing work that is done is:

A. 5 J
B. 350 J
C. 100 J
D. 3430 J

1286. if the force and particle displacement in the force direction are doubled. Work would be :

A. Double
B. 4 Times
C. Half
D. 1/4 times

1287. The kinetic energy of a particle is proportional to its momentum. What will be the speed of the molecule ?

A. 4m/S
B. 1m/S
C. 2m/S *
D. None of these

1288. A burglar took a valuable box of weight W and jumped down a height h wall before reaching the ground. He was carrying:

A. 2 W
B. W
C. W/2
D. Zero *

1289. What is the weight of 700 g of body on a planet whose mass is 1/7th of that of earth and radius is 1/2 of earth ?

A. 400 gf *
B. 300 gf
C. 700 gf
D. 500 gf

1290. Height at which value of ‘g’ becomes one fourth to that on earth is :

A. R *
B. 2R
C. (3/2)R
D. 4R