1091. Which of the following is the fundamental unit of angle in a plane in SI system of units?

A. Omega
B. Degree
C. Radian *
D. Hertz

1092. Accuracy of a measurement depends on?

A. Least Count *
B. Uncertainty
C. Absolute uncertainty
D. Average values

1093. Light year is the unit of?

A. Time
B. Length *
C. Speed
D. Mass

1094. The SI unit of heat is?

A. Calorie
B. Horse power
C. Joule *
D. Watt

1095. Base quantities are?

A. Scalar *
B. Vector
C. Tensors
D. Time arrow

1096. Supplementary SI units radian and steradian were established to measure?

A. Geometrical quantities *
B. Luminous intensity
C. Electric current
D. Temperature

1097. The magnitude of a physical quantity’s numerical value is?

A. Independent of the unit system
B. Directly proportional to the unit’s magnitude
C Inversely proportional to the unit’s magnitude *
D. Independent of the unit

1098. Length cannot be measured by?

A. Fermi
B. Debye *
C. Micron
D. Light year

1099. S.I unit of magnetic flux is?

A. Weber meter
B. Weber *
C. Weber per meter
D. Weber per meter4

1100. Which of the following is not the unit of energy?

A. Calorie
B. Joule
C. Electron-volt
D. Watt *