661. Choose the correct statement. In the case of AC circuit ohms law holds for_______________?
A. Peak values of voltage and current
B. Effective values of voltage and current
C. Instantaneous values of voltage and current
D. All of the above

662. The phase angle between the voltage and the current in an AC circuit consisting of a resistance is______________?
A. Zero
B. 45°
C. 90°
D. 180°

663. n an LCR series circuit, if V is the effective value of the applied voltage VR is the voltage across R VL is the effective voltage across L & Vc is the effective voltage across C then_______________?
B. V2 = VR2+VL2+VC2
C. V2 = VR2+(VL-VC)2
D. V2 = VL2+(VR-VC)2

664. A voltage V = V0 cos ωt is applied across a resistor of resistance R the average power dissipated per cycle in the resistor is given by___________?
A. V√/√2R
B. V/√2√R
C. V02/√2R
D. 2/√2√R

665. Two identical coaxial circular loops carry equal currents in the same direction. If the loops approach each other the current in______________?
A. Each increase
B. Each decrease
C. Each remains the same
D. One increases whereas that in the other decreases

666. An inductor may store energy in ________________?
A. Its electric field
B. Its coils
C. Its magnetic field
D. Both electric and magnetic fields

667. Addition of vector obeys_____________?
A. Commutative law
B. Distributive law
C. Associative law
D. All given laws in A, B and C

668. The direction of a vector in space is specified by_______________?
A. One angle
B. Two angle
C. Three angle
D. No angle

669. A vector can be multiplied by a number. The number may be_______________?
A. Dimensionless
B. Dimensional scalar
C. Negative
D. All A, B and C are correct

670. Unit vector n^ is along______________?
A. X-axis
B. Normal on a surface
C. Y-axis
D. Z-axis