881. Coefficient of viscosity of honey is greater than
A. Milk
B. Water
C. Charcoal
D. Water

882. The dimensions of the coefficient of viscosity are
A. ML-1T-1
B. M2L1T1
C. ML1T-1
D. M2L-1T-1

883. Terminal velocity is
A. Uniform
B. Maximum
C. Uniform and maximum
D. Neither uniform nor maximum

884. When the body moves with terminal velocity the acceleration in the body become
A. 0
B. Maximum
C. Variable
D. Infinite

885. Terminal velocity is given by equation
A. Vt = gr2ρ
B. Vt = 2gr2/9ρ
C. Vt = gr2/9ρ
D. Vt = 9gr2/2ρ

886. Terminal velocity of the body is directly proportional to the
A. The radius of the body
B. The diameter of the body
C. Size of the body
D. Square of the diameter of the body

887. The flow of ideal fluid is always
A. Turbulent
B. Streamline
C. Irregular
D. Straight line

888. The drag force is given by
A. Newtons law
B. Pascals law
C. Gauss law
D. Stokes law

889. When fluid is incompressible then
A. The velocity of the fluid is constant
B. The flow of the fluid is the straight line
C. The density of the fluid is constant
D. The volume of the fluid is constant

890. Irregular flow of fluid is called
A. Streamline
B. Turbulent
C. Uniform
D. Laminar