531. Steradian is the SI unit of________________?
A. Plane angle
B. Solid angle
C. Both plane angle and solid angle
D. Neither plane angle nor solid angle

532. An ideal standard of measurement of a base quantity has characteristics_______________?
A. Accessible
B. Invariable
C. Transportable
D. Only a and b are correct

533. Total uncertainty, in the result obtained from the subtraction of two measurements, is equal to_______________?
A. Sum of their absolute uncertainties
B. The difference of their absolute uncertainties
C. The product of their absolute uncertainties
D. Division of their absolute uncertainties

534. Which one is the highest power multiple ?
A. Giga
B. Beta
C. Mega
D. Deca

535. One pico stands for_________________?
A. 10 raised to power -15
B. 10 raised to power -12
C. 10 raised to power -9
D. 10 raised to power -6

536. Unit of G is ______________?
A. Nm2Kg2
B. Nm2Kg
C. Nm2Kg-2
D. None

537. The unit of force is _________ and its symbol is ______________ Which is the correct pair ?
A. Newton, n
B. Newton, N
C. newton, n
D. newton, N

538. How many main frontiers of fundamental science ?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

539. One light year is equal to________________?
A. 9.5x1015m
B. 9.5x1015sec
C. 9.5x1015Km
D. 9.5x1015cm

540. Which one is the derived quantity in SI units _____________?
A. Electric current
B. Electric charge
C. Plane angle
D. Amount of substance