1511. The heat death of the universe will occur when temperature :

A. Difference is zero
B. Is maximum *
C. Is minimum
D. None of the above

1512. By increasing the temperature of the source the efficiency of carnot engine is :

A. Increased *
B. Decreased
C. Unchanged
D. None of the above

1513. Under Isothermal condition, the internal energy of the gas is :

A. Unchanged *
B. Decreases
C. Increases
D. None of the above

1514. If both temperatue and volume of an ideal gas are doubled, the pressure :

A. Remains constant *
B. Is also doubled
C. Increases by factor 4
D. Is diminished by factor 1/4

1515. PV has dimension :

A. Power
B. Energy *
C. Force
D. None of the above

1516. Internal energy of a real gas depends upon :

A. Only on temperature of gas *
B. Only on the volume of gas
C. Only on pressure of gas
D. Size of molecules

1517. Pressure exerted by a gas is :

A. Independent of density of the gas
B. Inversely proportional to density of the gas
C. Directly Proportional to the square of density of the gas
D. Directly Proportional To the density of gas *

1518. On cold morning metal surface will feel colder to touch then wooden surface this is because of :

A. Metals has high specific heat
B. Metals have high thermal conductivity *
D. Metals have low specific heat
D. Metals have low thermal conductivity

1519. A cycle tyre is burst, due to which air escape out from it, this represent an :

A. Isothermal process
B. Isobaric process
C. Isochoric process
D. Adiabatic process *

1520. During adiabatic compression of a gas , the temperature of the gas :

A. Falls
B. Rises *
C. Remains constant
D. Become zero