1411. A sky diver falls through the air at terminal velocity, The force of air resistance on him is :

A. Half His weight
B. Equal to his weight *
C. Twice to his weight
D. None of them

1412. Water flows through a pipe . The diameter of the point B is larger than at point A. Where is the water pressure greatest ?

A. Point A
B. Point B *
C. Both A and B
D. None of them

1413. A hail and a rain drop of same radius are released from same height , then rain drop will reach :

A. Before hail
B. After hail *
C. At the same time
D. None of them

1414. A person standing near the track ofa fast moving train has tendency to falls towards the train, it is because of :

A. Gravitational attraction
B. High speed *
C. Vibration due to train
D. None of them

1415. A falling rain drop acquires terminal velocity on account of :

A. Viscous force of air *
B. Thrust of air
C. Small size
D. Density

1416. Water leaks out ofa hole in the bottom of water tank. The rate at which water flow out does not depends :

A. Then density of water *
B. Acceleration due to gravity
C. Area of hole
D. The lenght of the water

1417. Which of the following properties a system have in order to execute SHM :

A. Inertia
B. Elasticity
C. Moment of inertia
D. Both A and B *

1418. If a pendulum bob is oscillating harmonically with amplitude ‘A’ then its total passage of distance in one oscillation in terms of amplitude :

A. A
B. A/2
C. 2A
D. 4A *

1419. The tension in the string of a simple pendulum is :

A. Constant all the time
B. Maximum at extereme position
C. Zero at the mean position
D. Maximum at mean position *

1420. If the hollow bob of simple pendulum be filled with mercury that drains out slowly , its time period :

A. Increases
B. Remains Constant
C. First increase and then decreases *
D. First decreases and then increases