1491. With increase of temperature, the viscosity of liquid and gases :

A. Increases for both
B. Decrease for both
C. Increase for liquids and decreases for gases
D. Decreases for liquids and increase for gases *

1492. The flow is said to be streamline or laminar when every particle :

A. Moves in different direction
B. Moves along the same path as *
C. Slowly moves in one direction
D. None of the above

1493. Ventura relation is used to measure :

A. Speed of liquid flow *
B. Height of the pipe
C. Pressure of the liquid
D. Density of the liquid

1494. The maximum velocity of an object falling freely through air is called :

A. Initial velocity
B. Final velocity
C. Terminal velocity*
D. Instantaneous velocity

1495. In deriving Bernoulli’s equation, it is assumed that the fluid is :

A. Incompressible
B. Non-Viscous
C. In a steady state
D. All of the above *

1496. The pressure will be low where the speed of the fluid is :

A. Zero
B. High *
C. Low
D. Constant

1497. A Chimney works best when it is :

A. Tall
B. Exposed to air currents
C. Wide
D. A and B *

1498. Force of friction is present in :

A. Liquid
B. Solid
C. Gases
D. All of the above *

1499. The maximum drag force on a falling sphere is 0.8N, its weight is :

A. 1N
B. 9.8 N *
C. 4.9 N
D. Cannot be calculated

1500. The mass of fluid passing through any cross section per unit time is called :

A. Electric flux
B. Magnetic flux
C. Both A and B
D. Mass flux *