461. The equation of continuity is obtained by applying in the law of conservation of_____________?
A. Mass
B. Energy
C. Momentum
D. All

462. Velocity of fluid increases where the pressure is________________?
A. Low
B. High
C. Constant
D. Changes continuously

463. Speed of efflux can be determined by applying______________?
A. Bernoulli’s theorem
B. Torricelli’s theorem
C. Venture relation
D. All

464. Blood vessels are______________?
A. Rigid
B. Not rigid
C. Of glass
D. Of rubber

465. Concentration of red cells in blood is about______________?
A. 25%
B. 40%
C. 50%
D. 75%

466. A man standing near a fast moving train may fall___________?
A. On the train
B. Away from the train
C. Towards the train
D. On himself

467. For which position maximum blood pressure in the body have the smallest value ?
A. Standing straight
B. Sitting on chair
C. Sitting on ground
D. Laying horizontally

468. Two fog droplets have radius 2:3 their terminal velocities are_______________?
A. 4:06
B. 4:09
C. 2:09
D. 4.3

469. Bernoulli’s equation is obtained by applying the law of conservation of ________________?
A. Mass
B. Energy
C. Momentum
D. Fluid

470. Venturi meter is used to measure_________________?
A. Fluid pressure
B. Fluid density
C. Fluid speed
D. None