1451. What is the source of electric energy in an artificial satellite ?

A. Nuclear reactor
B. A dynamo
C. A thermpole
D. Solar cells *

1452. Radioactive element which has been found to have reserves in DG Khan area of pakistan is :

A. Uranium *
B. Thorium
C. Radium
D. Plutonium

1453. Non conventional source of energy best suited for pakistan is :

A. Solar energy *
B. Wind energy
C. Tidal wave energy
D. Nuclear energy

1454. The magnetic effect of electric current was first observed by :

A. Henry
B. Oversted *
C. Faraday
D. Volta

1455. in 2010, China became the third country in the world to possess an anti satellite weapon system. The other two countries are :

A. Germany and Russia
B. France and the USA
C. The USA and the Germany
D. The USA and Russia *

1456. The ancient greeks said that the four elements were earth,air,water and fire , 1n 390 BC , Plato added a fifth element to this list . What was it :

A. Ether *
B. Blood
C. Carbon
D. Nitorgen

1457. When a bar magnet is cut into two equal halves , the pole strenght of each piece :

A. Becomes double
B. Becomes zero
C. Remains the same *
D. Becames Half

1458. Which principle states that when a body is partially or trust equal to the weight of fluid displaced by it :

A. Archimedes *
B. Hooke’s
C. Pascal’s
D. Newton’s

1459. Speed of sound is maximum in :

A. Gas
B. Liquid
C. Same in all
D. Solid *

1460. The mass of a body at the centre of earth is L

A. Zero
B. Remains constant *
C. More than at the surface
D. Less than at the surface