621. SI unit of torque is______________?
A. N.m
B. joule
C. Both a and b are correct
D. Neither a nor b is correct

622. Torque acting on a body determines_______________?
A. Acceleration
B. Linear acceleration
C. Angular acceleration
D. Direction of motion of the body

623. A body in equilibrium__________________?
A. Always at rest
B. Always in uniform motion
C. May be at rest or in uniform motion
D. May be at rest or in motion

624. A body will be in complete equilibrium when it is satisfying______________?
A. 1st condition of equilibrium
B. 2nd condition of equilibrium
C. Both Ist and 2nd condition of equilibrium
D. Impossible

625. Which one is not a type of dynamic equilibrium ?
A. Rotational equilibrium
B. Translational equilibrium
C. Static equilibrium
D. Both A and C are corret answer

626. According to which one of following law the density of atom is uniform ?
A. J.J.Thomson model
B. Rutherfords model
C. Bohrs model
D. All of the above laws contradict the statement

627. In the nucleus of uranium, the number of neutrons will be _____________?
A. 92
B. 235
C. 143
D. Different for different isotopes

628. During fusion of hydrogen into helium________________?
A. Energy is absorbed
B. Energy is released
C. Mass is increased due to energy absorption
D. Mass is reduced due to the energy released

629. One AMU is equal to__________________?
A. 1.66 x 10-27kg
B. 166 x 10-15ng
C. 166 x 10-20g
D. All of above

630. For chain reaction to build up the size of the radioactive target should be______________?
A. Greater than the critical size
B. Less than the critical size
C. Equal to the critical size
D. All of above can build up a change reaction