1031. The Ratio Between the energy dissipated in some process and the heat that appears as a result is the :

A. Triple Point
B. Specific Heat
C. Kilocalorie
D. Mechanical equivalent of heat *

1032. The smallest sub-division of a compound that exhibit its characteristics properties is called :

A. An elementary particle
B. An atom *
C. A Molecule
D. An element

1033. The Energy of the molecular motion appears in form of :

A. Fiction
B. Heat *
C. Temperature
D. Potential Energy

1034. The physics underlying the operation of a refrigerator most closely resemble the physics underlying :

A. A heat Engine *
B. The melting of ice
C. The freezing of water
D. The Evaporation of water

1035. The law that governs the force between electric charges bears the name of :

A. Newton
B. Bernoulli
C. Coulomb *
D. Ampere

1036. The electron volt is a unit of :

A. Charge
B. Potential Difference
C. Energy *
D. Momentum

1037. A certain wire has resistance “R” The resistance of another wire , Identical with the first except for having twice its diameter , is :

A. 1/4 R *
B. 1/2 R
C. 2 R
D. 4 R

1038. A parallel-plate capacitor whose initial capacitance was “C” experiences a doubled separation between its plates. Now, the capacitance is:

A. 1/4 C
B. 1/2 C *
C. 2 C
D. 4 C

1039. The time required to charge a capacitor depends upon :

A. The magnitude of the charge
B. The Applied potential difference
C. Its capacitance only
D. The product of its Capacitance and the resistance in the circuit *

1040. A current flowing north along a power line .The direction of the magnetic field above it , Neglecting the earth’s field is :

A. North
B. East *
C. South
D. West