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101. An immersion heater of 400 watts kept on for 5 hours will consume electrical power of __________________?

A. 2KWh
B. 20KWh
C. 6KWh
D. 12KWh

102. Resistance of an ideal insulator is __________________?

A. infinite
B. zero
C. finite
D. depends upon nature

103. Reciprocal of resistivity is called__________________?

A. resistance
B. inductance
C. conductivity
D. flexibility

104. Circuit which gives continuously varying potential is called _______________________?

A. complex network
B. wheat stone bridge
C. potential divider
D. all of above

105. There are three bulbs of 60W 100W and 200W which bulb has thickest filament ?

A. 100W
B. 200W
C. 60W
D. all

106. Specific resistance of a wire____________________?

A. will depend on its length
B. will depend on its radius
C. will depend on the type of material of the wire
D. will depend on none of the above

107. In the following figure, the terminal potential is ___________________ ?

A. zero
B. 2V
C. 12V
D. 36V

108. Which one of the following materials is useful for making bulb filaments ?

A. constantan
B. nichrome
C. copper
D. tungsten

109. If 1 ampere current flows through 2m long conductor the charge flow through it in 1 hour will be_______________?

A. 3600C
B. 7200C
C. 1C
D. 2C

110. Why should a resistance be introduced in a circuit in series deliberately ?

A. to increase current
B. to decrease current
C. to control current
D. just to give a good look to circuit