1011. Which one of the following waves cannot be polarized :

A. X-Rays
B. Sound Waves *
C. Radi Waves
D. Ultravilet Rays

1012. Alternative current is converted to direct current by a :

A. Motor
B. Dynamo
C. Transformer
D. Rectifier *

1013. At resonance the value of power factor is an L.C.R series circuit is :

A. Zero
B. 1/2
C. Infinite
D. One *

1014. Two parallel wires carrying current in the opposite direction :

A. Repel each other *
B. Attract each other
C. Do Not attract each other
D. Get rotated perpendicular to each other

1015. If the distance between two charges is doubled, the coulomb force will become :

A. One Fourth *
B. Double
C. Half
D. Same

1016. The penetrating power of X-Rays increases with :

A. Increase in its velocity
B. Decrease in its velocity
C. Increase in its intensity *
D. Decrease in its intensity

1017. Some amount of heat given to gas under isothermal condition will result in :

A. Doing external work *
B. Rise in temperature
C. Working outside and changing the temperature
D. An increase in internal Energy

1018. The heaviest class of elementary particle consists of the :

A. Photons
B. Leptons
C. Masons
D. Baryons *

1019. The Quantum number which is not involved in describing the orbit of an atomic electron is :

A. n
B. m
C. I
D. S *

1020. The Ionization energy of an atom relative to binding energy of its nucleus is :

A. Greater
B. The same
C. Smaller *
D. Sometimes greater and sometimes smaller