411. The restoring force acting on the simple pendulum is given by_______________?
A. mg sin θ
B. mg sin θ
C. mg cos θ
D. mg cos θ

412. The phase of SHM describes________________?
A. Displacement only
B. The direction of motion only
C. Both displacement and direction of motion
D. Neither displacement nor direction of motion

413. The sharpness of resonance is__________________?
A. Directly proportional to the damping force
B. Inversely proportional to the damping force
C. Equal to the square of damping force
D. Equal to the square of damping force

414. The natural frequency of simple pendulum depends upon_______________?
A. It’s mass
B. It’s length
C. Square of its length
D. The square root of its length

415. Electrical resonance is observed in_______________?
A. Radio
B. Microwave oven
C. Both in radio and microwave oven
D. Neither in radio nor in a microwave oven

416. Total distance travelled by a bob of the simple pendulum in one vibration is equal to________________?
A. Amplitude
B. Square of the amplitude
C. 2 x amplitude
D. 4 x amplitude

417. When K.E energy of SHM is maximum its__________________?
A. P.E is zero
B. Acceleration is zero
C. Restoring force is zero
D. All P.E acceleration and restoring force are zero

418. In damped harmonic oscillation which one decreases ?
A. Amplitude of vibration
B. Energy of vibration
C. Both amplitude and energy
D. Neither amplitude nor energy

419. Forced vibration is known as_____________________?
A. Simple harmonic vibration
B. Natural vibration
C. Driven harmonic vibration
D. Free vibration

420. The mass attached to a spring executes ?
A. Vibratory motion
B. Rotatory motion
C. S.H.M
D. Both A and C