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251. The rectangular voltage is an example of____________________?
A. An analogue waveform
B. Continuous wave form
C. Electronic waveform
D. A digital waveform

252. The specially designed semi-conductor diodes used as fast counters in electronic circuits are_______________?
A. The light emitting diodes
B. Photo diodes
C. Photo voltaic cell
D. Solar cells.

253. Dimension of pressure is__________________?
B. ML-1T-1
C. ML-1T-2
D. ML-2T-2

354. Temperature is a property which determines_________________?
A. How much heat a body contains
B. Whether a body will feel hot or cold to touch
C. In which direction heat will flow between two systems
D. How much total absolute energy a body has

255. The scales of temperature are based on two fixed points which are_________________?
A. The temperatures of water at 0? 100?C
B. The temperature of melting ice and boiling water at atmospheric pressure
C. The temperatures of ice cold and boiling water
D. The temperatures of frozen and boiling mercury

256. At constant temperature the graph between V and 1/P is_____________?
A. Hyperbola
B. Parabola
C. A curve of any shape
D. A straight lime

257. We can produce heat by________________?
A. Frictional process
B. Chemical processes
C. Electrical processes
D. All of the above

258. Metabolism is the name of a process in which energy transformation takes place within______________?
A. Heat engine
B. Human body
C. Atmosphere
D. Laboratory

259. The pressure exerted by a column of mercury 76cm high and at 0°C is called_______________?
A. 1 atmosphere
B. 1 Newton per square meter
C. 1 Pascal
D. data is insufficient

260. If the pressure of a given gas is held constant its density is inversely proportional to its absolute temperature. We can refer it as another statement of______________?
A. Boyles law
B. Charles law
C. Ideal gas law
D. Avagadros law