1361. An elevator is moving down with a speed of 9.8m/sec. The apparent weight of ‘m’ will be :

A. Equal to mg *
B. Greater than mg
C. Less than mg
D. Zero

1362. An object moves with constant speed of 1m/sec in circle of radisu 1m. the acceleration will be :

A. Zero
B. 1m/sec2 *
C. 4n2 m/sec2
D. None

1363. When a stone of mass ‘ m’ at the end of a string is rotated in a vertical circle at constant speed then tension in string :

A. Stays constant
B. Is least at bottom
C. Is mg
D. Maximum at bottom *

1364. If lift accelerates upwards with acceleration ‘a’ then apparent weight :

A. Increase by ma *
B. Decrease by ma
C. Increase by mg
D. Decrease by mg

1365. A body of mass ‘m’ is falling its weight is :

A. Equal to mg *
B. Less than mg
C. Greater than mg
D. Equal to zero

1366. The angular displacement by minute’s hand of a watch after 5.0 minutes is :

A. 30 Degree *
B. 180 Degree
C. 360 Degree
D. 120 Degree

1367. The ratio of angular speed of minute’s hand of a watch to second hand of watch to second hand of watch is :

A. 60:1
B. 1:60 *
C. 1:12
D. 21:1

1368. A particle rotating in a circular orbit has a frequency of 100 Hz . The angular speed of a particle will be :

A. 100tt rad/s
B. 100 rad/s
C. 150 TT rad/s
D. 200 TT rad/s *

1369. A body rotates in a circle under the influence of external torque, the acceleration possessed by body is :

A. Tangential only
B. Angular only
C. Centripetal only
D. All A B and C *

1370. The angular velocity of a body is expressed in S1 units :

A. Rev/s
B. Rad/s *
C. Deg/s
D. All of the above