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221. The average acceleration caused by gravity per second is____________?
A. 22 feet
B. 32 feet
C. 52 feet
D. 42 feet

222. Which of the following branch of Physics deals with the internal structure of earth?
A. Biophysics
B. Geophysics
C. Plasma physics
D. Atomic physics

223. Name the SI unit having the symbol cd?
A. Candela
B. Cm
C. Ampere
D. Second

224. The symbol of the prefix used for Mega is_______?
A. G
B. h
C. M
D. E

225. Which of the following is not derived quantity________?
A. Time
B. Density
C. Volume
D. Area

226. The least count of Vernier caliper is ________ containing 10 Vernier scale divisions?
A. 0.001mm
B. 0.01mm
C. 0.1mm
D. 0.0001mm

227. Which one of the following is not vector quantity _______?
A. Acceleration
B. Displacement
C. Speed
D. Force

228. Who were the pioneers of Physics?
A. Egyptians
B. Greek
C. Latin
D. Persians