1421. Angular momentum is a :

A. Vector (axial) *
B. Vector (Polar)
C. Scalar
D. None of these

1422. What remains constant when the earth revolves around the sun ?

A. Angular momentum *
B. Linear momentum
C. Angular kinetic energy
D. Linear kinetic energy

1423. A couple produces :

A. Purely linear motion
B. Purely rotational motion *
C. Linear and rotational motion
D. Vibratory motion

1424. In which case application of angular velocity is useful ?

A. When a body is rotating *
B. When a body’s velocity follows a straight line.
C. When a body’s velocity follows a straight line.
D. None of these

1425. A cyclist bends while taking a turn to :

A. Reduce friction
B. Generate required centripetal force *
C. Reduce apparent weight
D. Reduce speed

1426. A stone attached to a string is being whirled in a vertical circle. The string is likely to break when the stone is :

A. At the lowest position *
B. At the highest position
C. At any point during motion
D. None of the above

1427. A cylinder cannot roll on :

A. A rough horizontal plane
B. A smooth horizontal plane
C. A rough inclined plane
D. A smooth inclined plane *

1428. Rotatory motion of a body is produced by applying a :

A. Couple *
B. Impulse of a force
C. Force
D. None of these

1429. A 4 KG mass and a 1 KG mass are moving with equivalent energies . the proportion of the extents of their direct momenta is

A. 1:2
B. 1:1
C. 2:1 *
D. 4:1

1430. A Particle reaches its highest point when it has covered exactly one half of its horizontal range. The corresponding point on the displacement time is characterized by :

A. Negative slope and zero curvature
B. Zero slope and negative curvature
C. Zero slope an positive curvature *
D. Positive slope and zero curvature