451. In cricket when a bowler produce reverse swing the ball will move towards______________?
A.The shinning side of the ball
B. Rough side
C. The seam of the ball
D. Goes straight

452. Stokes law is applicable if body has __________shape?
A. Rough
B. Square
C. Circular
D. Spherical

453. One torr is equal to_________________?
A. 1.333 Nm-2
B. .1333 Nm-2
C. 13.33 Nm-2
D. 133.3 Nm2

454. Systolic pressure is called_______________?
A. Low blood pressure
B. High blood pressure
C. Normal blood pressure
D. Abnormal blood pressure

455. The instrument used to measure blood pressure is called____________?
A. Venturimeter
B. Blood pressure
C. Sphygmomanometer
D. Sonometer

456. A chimney works best if air exposed to the chimney is______________?
A. Stationary
B. Moving
C. Moving slowly
D. Moving fast

457. The effect of the decrease in pressure with the increase of the speed of the fluid in a horizontal pipe is known as______________?
A. Bernoulli effect
B. Torricelli effect
C. Venturi effect
D. Stokes effect

458. Ideal fluid is_______________?
A. Non-viscous
B. Incompressible
C. Steady flow
D. Possess all properties

459. Which one is venturi relation ?
A. P1 – P2 = 1/2 ρV22
B. V2 = 2g (h1-h2)
C. P = 1 /2ρV2 = ρgh = constant
D. A1 V1 = A2 V2 = constant

460. Laminar flow usually occurs at speeds_____________?
A. Low
B. High
C. Very high
D. Some time high and some time low