391. Rest mass of a photon is________________?
A. infinite
B. zero
C. very small
D. 1.67 x 10-27 kg

392. Einstein’s photoelectric equation is given by_______________?
A. 1/2 mvmax2=hf+Φ
B. 1/2 mvmax2-hf = Φ
C. 1/2 mvmax2=hf-Φ
D. All of above are correct

393. As the temperature of black body is raised the wavelength corresponding to maximum intensity________________?
A. shifts towards longer wavelength
B. shifts towards shorter wavelength
C. remain the same
D. shifts towards longer as well as shorter wavelengths

394. The name of the photon for quantum of light was proposed by________________?
A. Ampere
B. Plank
C. Thomson
D. Einstein

395. In Compton scattering, the change in wavelength is maxed if_______________?
A. The angle of scattering is 90°
B. The angle of scattering is 60°
C. The angle of scattering is 180°
D. The angle of scattering is 0

396. Davison Germer experiment indicates__________________?
A. Interference
B. Polarization
C. Electron diffraction
D. Refraction

397. A photon is________________?
A. A unit of energy
B. A positively charged particle
C. A quantum of electromagnetic radiation
D. A unit of wavelength

398. Which one of the following has the largest energy content ?
A. 103 photons of wavelength 2 pm (γ-rays)
B. 102 photons of wavelength 1nm (x-rays)
C. 106 photons of wavelength 50?m (infrared)
D. 106 photons of wavelength 200nm (UV)

399. A transmitting station emits radio waves of wavelength λ at power P. If h is Planck’s constant & c the speed of light what is the rate of emission of photons ?
A. λ
B. Speed of sound
C. Speed of lightB.
D. h

400. After traveling through a vacuum a photon of light entering into some transparent denser medium. Thus the energy of light______________?
A. Increases because wavelength decreases
B. Decreases because speed decreases
C. Remains same
D. Increases then decrease