891. Waves transmit __________________ from one place to another
A. Energy
B. Mass
C. Both
D. None

892. The waves that require a material medium for their propagation are called
A. Matter waves
B. Electromagnetic waves
C. Carrier waves
D. Mechanical waves

893. The distance between any two consecutive crests or troughs is called
A. Frequency
B. Period
C. Wavelength
D. Phase difference

894. When two identical travelling waves are superimposed, the velocity of the resultant wave
A. Decreases
B. Increases
C. Remains unchanged
D. Becomes zero

895. In vibrating cord, the points where the amplitude is maximum, are called
A. Antinodes
B. Nodes
C. Troughs
D. Crests

896. The distance between two consecutive nodes is
A. λ/2
B. λ/4
C. λ
D. 2λ

897. The distance between a consecutive node and antinode is
A. λ
B. λ/2
C. 2λ
D. λ/4

898. If stretching force T of wire increases, then its frequency
A. Decreases
B. Increases
C. Remains the same
D. None of above
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899. A stationary wave is set up in the air column of a closed pipe. At the closes end of the pipe
A. Always a node informed
B. Always an antinode is formed
C. Neither node nor antinode is formed
D. Sometimes a node and sometimes an antinode is formed
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900. It is possible to distinguish between transverse and longitudinal waves form the property of
A. Refraction
B. Polarization
C. Interference
D. Diffraction