701. The magnetic field strength of solenoid is__________________?
A. B = μNI
B. B = μN/I
C. B = μnI
D. Both B and C

702. The deflection for 50 division of galvanometer is decreased to 25 divisions by shunt resistance of 12Ω. Galvanometer resistance is_____________?
A. 18Ω
B. 30Ω
C. 24Ω
D. 12Ω

703. The sensitivity of a galvanometer is given by__________________?

704. Minimum current required to produce a deflection of 1 mm on a scale at a distance of 1 meter is__________________?
A. 0.1 A
B. 1:00 AM
C. current sensitivity
D. 1 m A

705. While measuring the unknown resistance the help of slide wire bridge a greatest accuracy can be achieved when__________________?
A. a most sensitive galvanometer is used
B. a steady voltage cell is used
C. the balance point is close to the middle of the wire
D. a high resistance box is used in one of its gap

706. An ammeter measures the total current flowing through a circuit when it is connected__________________?
A. in series with the circuit
B. in parallel with circuit
C. in series with any of the parallel resistances in the circuit
D. in parallel with any of the series resistances in the circuit

707. The effective way to increase the sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer is to___________________?
A. use a very long and fine suspension
B. use a coil of very large area
C. use a coil with very large number of turns
D. use a very strong magnetic field

708. When an electron moving with a uniform speed in a vacuum enters a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to the field the subsequent path of the electron is ___________________?
A. a straight line parallel to the field
B. a parabola in a plane perpendicular to the field
C. a circle in a plane perpendicular to the field
D. a straight line along its initial direction

709. Galvanometer is a very sensitive device with______________________?
A. very low damping
B. very high damping
C. no damping at all
D. radial field disintegration

710. Heating a magnet will ____________________?
A. weaken it
B. strengthen it
C. reverse its polarity
D. demagnetize it completely