1171. Torque acting on a body determines:

A. Acceleration
B. Linear acceleration
C. Angular acceleration *
D. Direction of motion of the body

1172. Which one is not a type of dynamic equilibrium ?

A. Rotational equilibrium
B. Translational equilibrium
C. Static equilibrium *
D. The responses A and C are both correct.

1173. Three coplanar powers following up on a body keep it in harmony . It would be ideal for they to consequently be :

A. Concurrent *
B. Non concurrent
C. Parallel
D. Non Parallel

1174. A central force is that which :

A. Can produce torque
B. Cannot produce torque *
C. Sometime can produce torque some time can not
D. Has no relation with torque

1175. Using both hands to turn a steering wheel is easier than using just one hand because:

A. Accelerating force increases on the wheel
B. Two forces act on the wheel
C. Two hands provide firm grip
D. Couple acts on the wheel *

1176. The cross product of two vectors is a negative vector when:

A. They are parallel vectors
B. They are anti-parallel vectors
C. They are perpendicular vectors
D. They are rotated through 270 degree *

1177. If you drive west at 20 KM/H for one hour. then drive east 15KM/H for one hour, Your net displacement will be :

A. 5 KM East
B. 35 KM West
C. 35 KM East
D. 5 KM West *

1178. In the vastness of space, everything is in the following state:

A. Rest
B. Rectilinear Motion
C. Perpetual motion *
D. Circular motion

1179. If the slope of the velocity-time graph increases at constant rate, with time , then the body is said to have :

A. Uniform retardation
B. Uniform negative acceleration
C. Average acceleration
D. Uniform positive acceleration *

1180. The magnitude of displacement is :

A. Distance between two points
B. Distance in a curved path
C. Shortest distance between two points *
D. Perpendicular distance