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91. Laplace found that the alternate compressions and rarefactions produced in sound waves follows ________________?

A. isothermal law
B. adiabatic law
C. isochoric law
D. all of the above

92. The beats frequency (sensible) for a human car is _____________________?

A. 42Hz
B. 7 Hz
C. 256Hz
D. 262Hz

93. Fundamental frequency of stationary waves in open pipe is ______________ times the frequency in closed pipe?

A. One
B. Two
C. Four time
D. None of these

94. The current through a metallic conductor is due to the motion of _________________?

A. free electrons
B. protons
C. neutrons
D. still under controversy

95. A wire having very high value of conductance is said to be____________________?

A. very good conductor
B. moderately good conductor
C. an insulator
D. no specific criterion available

96. Production of heat due to an electric current flowing through a conductor is given by _________________?

A. Joule effect
B. Joule Thomsons effect
C. Comptons effect
D. Feed back effect

97. Three equal resistors connected in series with a source of e m f together dissipate 10 W of power each. What will be the power dissipated if the same resistors are connected in parallel across the same source of e m f ?

A. 40 W
B. 90W
C. 100W
D. 120W

98. Thermocouples convert___________________?

A. heat energy into electrical energy
B. heat energy into light energy
C. heat energy into mechanical energy
D. mechanical energy into heat energy

99. The dimension of elastic modulus is ___________________ ?

A. ML-1T-2
B. ML-2T-2
C. MLT-2
D. ML2T-2

100. Waves produced at the surface of water by a pencil executing vibrating motion if held vertically at a frequency of 50Hz are__________________?

A. Longitudinal
B. Transverse
C. Periodic
D. both A and C