1381. A solid cylinder and a hollow cylinder of same masses and radii are released from an inclined plane, then:

A. Solid cylinder will reach first to the ground *
B. Hollow cylinder will reach 1st to the ground
C. The two arrives at the ground simultaneously
D. None

1382. A body rotates with a constant angular momentum of 30J-S for 20 seconds . The force following up on the body is :

A. 1.5 N-m
B. 3 N- m
C. 0 N-m *
D. 10 N-m

1383. An object weighs 160N on earth surface . The same object will weight 40 N at an height from the earth surface of :

A. R/4
B. 2R
C. R/2
D. R *

1384. The time period of Geo-stationary satellite is :

A. 48 Hours
B. 24 Hours *
C. 12 Hours
D. 60 Hours

1385. The minimum number of satellite that can cover the whole face of the earth are :

A. 2
B. 3 *
C. 4
D. 5

1386. A spring balance read 100N body as 200 N . If mass of a body is 10kg . Then, at that point, the extent of speed increase is :

A. 8M/SEC2
B. 16M/SEC2
C. 10M/SEC2 *
D. 20M/SEC2

1387. A 100Kg mass attached to spring balance accelerate upward with 10m/s2. The spring balance reads the weight equal to :

A. 98N
B. 980N
C. 1980N *
d. -20N

1388. Two astronauts in a satellite orbiting around the earth in circular orbit must have :

A. Same masses
B. Same apparent weights *
C. Same real weights
D. Same height

1389. The apparent weight of mass 1kg falling freely is :

A. 1N
B. Zero *
C. 9.8N
D. 98N

1390. The S1 unit of viscosity is :

A. Poise
B. Pascal
C. Poiseuille
D. None of these *