1221. A vehicle travels 40 kilometers per hour from A to B and 60 kilometers per hour back. He will move at the following rate:

A. 40 Kilometer per hour
B. 48 kilometer per hour *
C. 50 kilometer per hour
D. 60 kilometer per hour

1222. Two forces acting at a point have a combined magnitude of 18 and a resultant magnitude of 12. Their magnitudes are as follows if the result is at 90 degrees with a force of a smaller magnitude:

A. 3, 15
B. 4, 14
C. 5, 13 *
D. 6, 12

1223. A parrot flies at a speed of 5 ms-1 in the south, parallel to the railway track, while a train with a length of 150 meters travels in the north. The parrot’s crossing of the train takes the following amount of time:

A. 12 S
B. 8 S
C. 15 S
D. 10 S *

1224. A person standing in an elevator ,Which goes up with constant upward acceleration exerts a push on the floor of the elevator whose value :

A. Is always equal to his weight
B. Is always greater than his weight *
C. Is always less than his weight
D. Is zero

1225. A molecule begins with beginning speed 10 ms-1. In just two seconds, it travels 20 meters in a straight line. What is the particle’s rate of acceleration?

A. 20 ms-2
B. 10 ms-2
C. 1 ms-2
D. Zero *

1226. In the fourth and fifth seconds of travel, what is the ratio of the distance traveled by a freely falling body from rest?

A. 4 : 5
B. 7 : 9 *
C. 6 : 5
D. 1 : 1

1227. When a person jumps off the ground, the reaction force of the ground is :

A. More than the person’s weight *
B. Less than the individual’s weight
C. In proportion to the individual’s weight
D. Zero

1228. A body moving in a straight line has a starting velocity of 7 m/s. It has a uniform speed increase of 4 m/s2. The body travels the following distance in the fifth second of its motion:

A. 25 Meter *
B. 35 Meter
C. 50 Meter
D. 85 Meter

1229. Which of the accompanying four assertions is bogus ?

A. A body can have zero speed nevertheless be sped up
B. A body can move at a constant speed while still moving at a different speed *
C. A body can have a steady speed nevertheless have a changing speed
D. The bearing of the speed of a body can change when its speed increase is consistent

1230. A ball is tossed upwards with a speed of 100 m/s .It will arrive at the ground in:

A. 10 s
B. 20 s *
C. 5 s
D. 40 s