1351. Gravity perform zero work when body moves :

A. Vertically
B. Horizontally *
C. Vertically downward
D. At an angle of 45 degree centigrade

1352. A man carries a bucket of water of 1kg for 10m along the ground , Then work done by gravity is :

A. 10J
B. 98J
C. 25J
D. Zero *

1353. Which of the following is renewable source of a energy ?

A. Coal
B. Natural gas
C. Sunlight *
D. Uranium

1354. A car of mass “m” has an engine which can deliver a power P.What is the minimum time in which the car be accelerated from rest to a speed V?

A. Mv/P
B. P/Mv
C. Mv2/2p *
D. 2p/Mv2

1355. In physics the term work means :

A. Going to college
B. Studying in library
C. Applying forces and causes displacement *
D. All of these

1356. A body is whirld in a circle with constant speed under centripetal force , the work done by centripetal force is :

A. Always zero *
B. Maximum
C. Minimum
D. None

1357. Which one of the following force is not a conservative ?

A. Spring force
B. Weight
C. Electric force
D. Friction force *

1358. One horse power is equal to :

A. 550 Watt
B. 550 ft Pound/s
C. 750 ft Pound/s
D. None

1359. The commercial unit of energy is :

A. Watt-s
B. Horse power
C. Kilo watt-hour *
D. Kilo watt

1360. A shell of mass 5 kg is fried at 60 degree to the horizontal with a speed of 20m/sec .Neglecting the air resistance, The kinetic energy of shell in joule is at its highest point :

A. Zero
B. 1.5
C. 25
D. 250 *