1541. Internal friction of fluid is called :

A. Surface tension
B. Viscosity *
C. Resistance
D. Cohesive force

1542. When the velocity of a liquid folowing steadily in a tube increases , its pressure ?

A. Decreases *
B. Increases
C. Remains same
D. None of the above

1543. The electrical forces between the molecules of a liquid are :

A. Repulsive
B. Attractive
C. Both A and B *
D. None

1544. Incase of streamed lined flow of liquid , the loss of energy is :

A. Maximum
B. Minimum *
C. Infinite
D. Equal to what is in turbulent flow

1545. Fire fighters havea jet attached to the head of their water pipes in order to :

A. Increase the mass of water flowing per second
B. Increase the volume of water flowing per second
C. Increase the velocity of water flowing out *
D. Avoid wastage of water

1546. Surface tension of water is due to :

A. Inter molecular attractions *
B. Inter molecular spaces
C. Inter molecular repulsion
D. Intra molecular forces

1547. A car engine is based on the principle of :

A. Bernoulli’s equation
B. Ventura relation *
C. Torricelli’s theorem
D. None of these

1548. In a surface tension experiment with a capillary tube water rises up to 0.1 m. If the same experiment is repeated on an artificial satellite, which is revolving around the earth, water will rise in the capillary tube upto a height of :

A. 0.1 M
B. 0.2 M
C. 0.98 M
D. Full lenght of the capillary tube *

1549. A body is floating in a liquid. The up thrust on the body is :

A. Equal to weight of liquid displaced *
B. Zero
C. Less than the weight of liquid displaced
D. Weight of body weight of liquid displaced

1550. Pressure exerted by a gas on the walls of its container is due to :

A. Adhesion between the gas molecules and the container
B. Cohesion between the gas molecules and the container
C. Collision between the gas molecules and the container *
D. Surface tension of the gas