491. The angular speed for daily rotation of the earth in rad S-1 is______________?
A. 7.3 x 10 radians/second
B. 7.3 x 5 radians/second
C. 3.7 x 10 7.3 x 5 radians/second
D. 7.3 x 10-5 radians/second

492. When a wheel 1 m in diameter makes 30 rev min the linear speed of the point on its rim in ms-1 is_______________?
A. 2π
B. π/2
C. π
D. 20π

493. A cyclist cycling around a circular racing track skids because_____________?
A. the centripetal force upon him is less than limiting friction
B. the centripetal force upon him is greater than limiting friction
C. the centripetal force upon him is equal to the limiting friction
D. the friction between the tyres of the cycle and road vanishes

494. If a wheel of radius r turns through an angle of 30° then the distance through which any point on its rim moves is______________?
A. π /3 x r
B. π/6 x r
C. V/30 x r
D. π / 180 x r

495. In an angular motion, Newton’s second law of motion is_____________?
A. F=ma
B. F=τp/It
C. Στ = I α
D. All above

496. The angular speed of seconds hand of a watch in rads-1 is______________?
A. π
B. π/2
C. π/30
D. π/180

497. The shaft of a motor rotates at a constant angular speed of 360rev/min. Angle turned through in 1 sec in radian is________________?
A. π
B. 3π
C. 6π
D. 12π

498. What is the outward force acting on a mass of 10 kg when rotating at one end an inelastic string 10m long at speed of 1m/s ?
A. 1N
B. 10N
C. 2N
D. 100N

499. If we whirl a stone at the end of a string in the vertical circle, it is likely to break when the stone is________________?
A. At the highest point
B. At the lowest point
C. At any point during motion
D. At the point where gravity is not acting

500. Moving along the circumference of a circle completes two revolutions. If the radius of the circular path is R, the ratio of displacement to the covered path will be_______________?
A. πR
B. 2πR
C. 0
D. 4πR